Our Luxury Basics Change Lives

by DouG Molidor | December 04, 2015

Road Twenty-Two uses the very best fabrics, designs each piece of clothing with a flattering fit that drapes beautifully on most body types, and creates each piece of clothing with a touch of edge that sets them apart from the rest. We employ women who need a second chance in life and give them a fresh start.

Together, we create pieces that you'll never want to take off, made in the USA with a whole lot of heart. The indispensable tee, the sweatshirt you never want to take off, the versatile tank to dress up for nights out and slip into for mornings in. Road 22’s luxury basics are made with the very best fabrics, in the most flattering cuts you’ll find anywhere, with perfect little details to set them apart.

At Road Twenty-Two we employ women who need a chance. By hiring women who were formerly incarcerated, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse, we provide them with steady income and valuable skills that will help them break through employment road blocks.

One part of the story can be told through numbers: 

There are 205,000 women currently incarcerated in the US, 64.1% are there for nonviolent crimes.

80% of women in prison are moms.

The number of women in prison grew 646% between 1980 and 2010 (from 15,118 to 112,797).

The number of women in prison grew 1.5x more than the number of men in the same period.

67% of women end up back in prison within 3 years of release. 

Source: www.sentencingproject.org

We empower these women re-write this story into personal tales of resilience and bright futures, driven by new skills, new opportunities and steady income that leads to self-sufficiency.

We would like to introduce you to some of the amazing women who work with us at Road Twenty-Two, telling their stories in their own words.