Meet Rachael

by DouG Molidor | October 14, 2014

I experimented with things the way most teens do until a tragedy struck. My fiancé was brutally murdered, and I couldn’t handle it and turned to drugs. Before I knew it, I was strung out, living on the streets and found myself in jail.

Though I turned over a new leaf, it was hard to find opportunities to better myself. My record prevented me from getting jobs and housing. I knew that finding a job that I liked and wanted to be at was key. When I met the Road Twenty-Two family, I knew that I was home. I learn new things every day. I am doing things I never thought I was good at doing and doing them well. I am responsible for customer service and shipping. I now have the drive to work hard for a company I believe in and I am constantly pushed to be better, but supported when I fall short. I have learned a lot about life and how I fit in it from Road Twenty-Two. I want to thank our customers for your support, and for helping us reclaim our lives.