Ryobi and Distress

by Fif Ghobadian | July 03, 2014

We knew that with Road 22’s mission, creating the perfect tee would be a necessary but difficult task. The shirt had to fall correctly, be stitched specifically, and feel like heaven. We created the patterns for multiple t-shirt designs, both for men and women, that fitted a tailored but comfortable feel. And then came the look. After our years of searching for that magnificent and yet elusive perfect t-shirt, we knew that the best were worn in and distressed in just the right ways, just the right places. To achieve this look and feel, we turned to our new favorite machine: the Ryobi Bench Grinder.


This little manual machine, despite its original purpose, was just for us. Bench grinders were initially invented to sharpen tools or to shape metal before its next step of transformation. Essentially, it was not intended for distressing fabric. But, like many of us, it could play multiple roles at once. Now instead of sharpening a drill bit, it’s wearing down the shirts’ edges and placing the perfect holes. It is a very hands-on process, but perfection takes work and we are happy to do it. We believe that with its new ability to distress fabric, and in so making our beautifully crafted t-shirts wonderfully comfortable, the little Ryobi Bench Grinder has reached its full potential.

Coming Fall 2014, Road 22’s Perfect Tee



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