Hello Men’s Tee Patches, Good-Bye Mellow

by Fif Ghobadian | July 14, 2014

Adding a really cool patch to our men’s crew neck Tee is one of Alice’s latest inspirations.  Off we go. We visit our Mill in LA and source the perfect linen fabric. We buy 70 yards and decide to wash it in my home washing machine.  

As we are transferring the fabric from the washer to the dryer, my kids notice that our guinea pig Mellow (who lived near the washing machine) is a bit too mellow. I like to think this is just a crazy coincidence.

After a bit of fuss Mellow is transported in a box to the backyard for burial as yards of wonderfully soft fabric are coming out of the dryer for their new life as a patch. Good-bye Mellow.  We’ll miss you.  Hello patches!

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