A Day in the Life

by Fif Ghobadian | July 17, 2014

Above: The Road Twenty-Two offices

Lately people have asked Alice and me to either chronicle our daily experiences or to describe our workspaces. Road Twenty-Two is truly a startup. Meetings are held at our kitchen tables, at supermarkets, and en route to appointments. We meet as we need to, where and how we can. My car is where all of our inventory, swatches, and inspirations are stored, full of boxes and bags. We live and breathe our product and our mission.

The days start with a visit to our pattern maker and our sewing contractors. Their offices are on Mission Street in San Francisco. Connie, our contractor, was the first person I met, when Road Twenty-Two was still a seed in my brain. She knew I was going to make this happen and continues to teach me a lot. Making a t-shirt is not easy and making a t-shirt that can stand-alone and fits like a glove takes patience and a thirst for perfection. You have a vision and it has to happen. That’s the bottom line.

After checking on our patterns and items in production, Alice and I normally meet with our other team members. We really can’t function without each other. Owen Brown, our CFO/COO, keeps us in reality and aware of all of the details, and Kasey O’Connell, runs PR/Marketing and Web design and is solid.  We meet at my home and spend hours going over various aspects of our business. Everyone is involved in the whole picture, and yet we each have distinct roles. 

When our team meetings are over, after a few hours, we either are then driving to San Jose to our silk screeners, or meeting with our Branding team in the Richmond District. Once a month we visit our fabric mills and dye house in LA. We are the roaming team that travels wherever possible to bring the perfect T to market.

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