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I grew up in a privileged, sheltered world in Iran until, at the age of 15, the revolution led to the brutal death of many of my parents’ friends. My family and I lost almost everything and fled to the United States. In northern California my parents tried to recreate our life, acclimating to a wholly new culture and language, and a different sense of values.

The struggle was worse for my parents, who gradually made several poor financial decisions, lost their assets, and became bankrupt. My mother worked at a department store and eventually took my sister and moved to my grandparents’ house overseas.

My father and I moved into a small apartment in San Francisco with four roommates. My father, a respected business owner in Iran, could not find work due to his poor English. No one would hire him. He would call to see if he could get hired as an apartment manager and people would hang up on him. I saw how terrible life could be when you didn’t have options or active support. My father was devastated. He lost his confidence and became a broken man. My eyes were opened wide to the realities of life that we are all subject to. Since then, I have felt great empathy for people who for whatever reason find themselves on the harsher side of life.

Throughout the process I have been fortunate to rebuild my life and to gain a great deal of experience in finance. I understand how to use the power of money to affect a positive change in the world. Essentially, I believe that we are all the same and every one of us deserves a chance. I translate my core beliefs and my passion into my business. This is why I am so excited about creating the Road Twenty-Two brand.

I am committed to employing women in the United States who need a chance. My concurrent desire is to humanize the image of the women who were formerly incarcerated, homeless, or suffering from substance abuse, and to break through employment roadblocks. In doing so, I can absolutely change people’s lives for the better. This gives me joy.


I grew up in London in a family where aesthetics reigned King and Queen.  With a fashion buyer mother and a design consultant father, the importance of style was ingrained in me from a very early age. Fashion gave me the ability to express who I was on the inside, even if that meant defacing my very proper school uniform!

After graduating high school I decided to head to NYC to formally study fashion at F.I.T. I figured there must be some way that I could channel my love of style into a real career!  Four years later I did just that. I traveled around Europe buying ready-to-wear collections and brought them back for the Park Avenue ladies.

My next and final stop was San Francisco. I had to get involved! I began styling for private clients and through this realized there was a lack of quality separates with a consistent fit. Along came Road Twenty-Two. This was an opportunity for me to use my design aesthetic while making a difference in the lives of some of the many women in the US who just need a chance.



Our signature tees, sweatshirts and other designs are destined to be wardrobe staples. Made of the softest fabrics and with expert tailoring, our clothes look at once laid back and pulled together, and they get better after every wash.

At Road Twenty-Two we have a commitment to fit without sacrificing style.  As a team we collaborated in order to design shirts that are not only on trend but fit most body types.  We knew we had a hit when each team member, of every shape and size, could fit into the same shirt!

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The story behind our clothes feels every bit as good as our fabrics. We employ women who need a chance, who were formerly incarcerated and are on the road to a better life. Made entirely in the USA, our clothes prove that style and social conscience can walk hand in hand.

Road Twenty-Two is named for the road leading out of the Central California Women’s Correctional Facility, the largest women’s correctional facility in the world.  Women are released with $200 in their pockets, hardly enough to put them anywhere but back on the streets. That’s where we can help.



Sustainably Made in the USA


Committed to the belief that what we wear can and should be manufactured close to home, our clothes are entirely produced in the USA. The fabric sourcing, dying, sewing and printing all happen in California. Our screen printing is expertly done at Ashbury Images, a San Francisco non-profit that provides opportunities to at-risk youth.

Road Twenty-Two puts socially conscious, eco-conscious people of style in a position to help via their choice of clothing. Which is a big choice, because it’s a daily choice. So they can choose a road with heart. Because nothing is beautiful that doesn’t also beautify the world.

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Road Twenty-Two is the road connecting what is beautiful to what is also well done in the world. It’s the belief that lovely and impeccable clothing can still be made in America while putting women first. That savvy can also be nice. It’s conscious style that grows community. Luxury basics made in a way we can all live with, clothes that feel great and look even better.